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As a leading freight forwarding company, Alan Logistics has rich experience shipping all kinds of goods from China by sea, air and railway. We provide very competitive shipping rates and can deliver your goods worldwide. We have a professional and efficient team that will handle all your shipments from China. Just ask for a quick quote, whether you are already our client or not, we will be available online 24/7 to support your business.

Why Us

We Will Provide You Best Shipping Solution

Sea Freight

We cover all global shipping lines, they offer us competitive rates, and stable space. With many shipping line companies, you can choose bulk-cargo ship, roll-on/roll-off ship, OOG service, and chartered ships.​

Air Freight

Competitive air shipping rates and professional service. Many airline companies for you to choose from, for off-gauge goods shipping services.

Railway Freight

Competitive rates, full guidance in loading and reinforcing the goods in the container. Up to 28 days free demurrage in loading and destination ports, plus, block train service.

Courier Service

Samples are important and necessary before place B2B bulk orders.We have deep cooperation with DHL/FedEx/TNT/UPSWe can arrange the pick-up and trucking service, anytime, in any city of China.​

Shipping To FBA​

We ship from China to Amazon FBA. Two boats a week for your LCL shipments, 5 boats a week for your FCL shipments, and a daily flight for your air shipments.

Custom Clearance

Our professional team makes sure customs clearance is always smooth. They provide an accurate product classification, handle all the paperwork, are always up to date with Chinese customs policy, and have a good relationship with customs officers in China.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Your freight forwarder should be able to handle all kinds of goods and ship from any port of China to world.
Your freight forwarder should provide the best shipping solution possible.
Your freight forwarder should provide competitive rates and a good service.
Your freight forwarder should be able to communicate smoothly with all your suppliers.
Your freight forwarder should provide other services such as container loading supervision, product classification, receipt and payment with foreign exchange, etc.

Because of strong competition, some freight forwarders provide very cheap ocean freight, which translates to a high destination charge. The best solution is to balance the ocean freight and destination charge or choose the FCL service.

Shipping line companies often change the ocean freight rates, so it is difficult for importers and exporters to calculate the shipping cost. It’s better to lock in a stable ocean freight rate with your freight forwarder for whole season or year.

During peak season lack of carrier space is very common. Our experience allows us to book space in the carrier a few days in advance for our old customers. There are no extra charges if we cancel the space even though the shipping goods are not ready yet.

To control shipping costs, you need to make sure you are using the best solution to ship your goods and use reasonable packaging to save space. To achieve this, choosing a good freight forwarder is the most important step.

After your freight forwarder books space from the carrier, you can inquire about ETD and ETA based on the vessel voyage and BL number on the carrier’s tracking website.

Package your shipping goods well.
Reinforce your goods in the container.
Load a reasonable amount of goods in the container.

Under the Incoterms of FOB, the shipper often complains the forwarder from consignee, one is high local charge, another is bad attitude, so it is better to quote the local charge to shipper before book the space, and consignee should choose the good freight forwarder who should have a good communication with shipper, so the goods can be shipped to the consignee smoothly.


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