Alan Product Sourcing

Alan is the right choice when sourcing from China. This company assigns an experienced sourcing agent to handle the whole product sourcing process.
The sourcing agent will contact more than ten suppliers, depending on your product requirements. After evaluating all the information, he/she will list at least three outstanding suppliers.
Allen considers the price, quality, and delivery of the products during the selections. Here are the main sourcing services to expect from Alan.

FBA Sourcing

FBA Sourcing is mainly involved in Amazon FBA sourcing. Amazon FBA has emerged to be the largest cross-border eCommerce platform and it is a choice of many importers. Alan Logistics will help you buy products from China and ship them to Amazon FBA overseas warehouse

Dropshipping Sourcing

Most customers choose dropshipping sourcing e-commerce entrepreneurial model when importing from China.
The model has many benefits such as low cost, small risk, and other benefits. Alan can help you do DROPSHIPPING SOURCING in China, find products, and save time. Therefore, you will focus more on marketing and making money.

Sourcing Alibaba

Alibaba is China’s largest B2B platform. The eCommerce platform has millions of medium-sized suppliers, something that has made it a top choice for sellers looking for Suppliers from China. Huntersourcing can help customers find high-quality products and reliable factories on Alibaba.

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