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Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder China

If you are selling on Amazon and need to find a reliable Amazon FBA freight forwarder to ship your goods from China, then Allen will be your best choice.

Allen has very much experience for shipping from China to Amazon FBA and will save all your time and money. You just focus on your marketing and sales, leave your shipment to us.

We can consolidate your goods from different suppliers in China and arrange the pickup, repackaging, Labeling and more.

Amaon FBA Freight Shipping

Sea Freight Shipping to Amazon FBA

Allen can handle both for LCL shipment and FLC shipment from China to your Amazon warehouse with a very competitive shipping rate.

Air Freight Shipping to Amazon FBA

If your goods are in a hurry to ship to FBA, then air freight is your best choice. Allen will make your shipment faster, cheaper and safe.

Shipping from China to USA Amazon FBA

US is the biggest market for Amazon, Allen ship thousands Amazon FBA goods from China to different USA FBA warehouse. Just give us your goods info and get our best shipping rate

Your Best China Sea Freight Forwarder

Contracted. We work closely with airlines like LH, AF, CA, SQ, EK, TK, AA,etc to secure exclusive air freight rates along major trade lanes. Transparent. No hidden fee. And it is final guaranteed.

You have a spontaneous question about your air shipment ? No worries. We are 7 x 24 live support. Get quick responses on our platform. Communicate directly with your air freight operations manager or your account manager.

We provide customized solutions and multiple choices. Tell us your needs and conditions and our algorithm will calculate the best transport routes within your calculated budget. Premium or standard, you will get what you need.

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With our robust global agent partner network, we cover your businesses and markets anywhere in the world from pick up at origins, multiple consolidation, customs clearance, through to door-to-door delivery to end customers.

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