Amazon Freight Forwarder

If you are selling on Amazon and need to find a reliable Amazon FBA freight forwarder to ship your goods from China, then Allen will be your best choice.
Allen has very much experience for shipping from China to Amazon FBA and will save all your time and money. You just focus on your marketing and sales, leave your shipment to us.
We can consolidate your goods from different suppliers in China and arrange the pickup, repackaging, Labeling and more.

Pick-Up Cargo

We pick-up your cargo from your suppliers in China, even if you have several different suppliers, we can consolidate them and ship to you together.

Cargo Inspection

From simple exterior carton checks, to detailed piece by piece inspections, our inspection services will meet your every need.

Prep & Labeling

We can prepare your products to meet Amazon’s requirements. Services we offer include labeling, poly bagging, bundling, repacking, among others.

Regardless of the size or frequency of your cargo, we will meet all your urgent and time-critical cargo requirements.

Ship to FBA

We will ship your products to Amazon FBA by air or sea, depending on your need, and manage the entire process including custom clearance and tax payment.

We Do More for You

When you choose us, even if you need more around sea services, we will go above and beyond to customize a perfect delivery. We do each and everything to make your whole transportation experience to meet your expectations.

Contact us and Start Saving on Shipping Costs